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Drunk Student Who Falsely Accused Cabbie Of Sexual Assault Sentenced To 16 Months in Prison


Sophie Pointon, a criminology student at Leeds Beckett University in the United Kingdom falsely claimed about being raped by a cabbie after he refused to accept a £10 note soaked in kebab oil.

Pointon rang emergency services on April 22 and narrated a bunch of lies. She then continued the accusation by filing a statement, giving an account of the alleged ‘rape’.

Police suspected on Pointon when the data from the GPS tracker on the cab mismatched with her statements. Moreover, the call recordings of the incident between the cabbie and the taxi firm supported his story.

Sophie Pointon / Facebook

She broke down in tears and offered to drop charges when her allegations were challenged by the police. She eventually pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice and was sentenced to 16 months in jail.

The taxi driver, father of five recalled Sophie Pointon being “extremely drunk” when she got into his car holding a kebab. After reaching Hyde Park, she threw a £10 note covered in kebab oil at him which he declined to accept for religious reasons.

The driver said Pointon then became abusive and ran around the car opening doors. The prosecutor said: “He did not think much of it at the time because such incident with people who are intoxicated are not unusual.”

Sophie Pointon / Facebook

In an emotional and moving statement, the taxi driver described how the accusations had caused him to be avoided by colleagues and friends. As a result of the charges, he was unable to work for four weeks stressing up his life.

“I am now extremely reluctant to take lone females in case I am accused again. The girl who accused me is the same age as my own daughter. I cannot comprehend why she made this allegation. I feel religiously tainted from this, and no help from the police or the courts can help that. Friends stopped speaking to me and letting me into their homes. People in my community do not even want to be seen with me”

Taxi Driver

Sophie Pointon / Facebook

Pointon said her hopes of becoming a police officer were now ruined.

Jailing her, Judge Christopher Batty said: “Your malicious complaint has done a huge disservice to those seeking justice through the police and courts.”

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